Magic Bullet System 2.0 Review

Last year, I did a review of Magic Bullet System 1.0, you can find the post here:

Now at the time of the relaunch of Magic Bullet System 2.0, will I have a different opinion?

First thing, this time Amish corrected his guarantee problem. Last year, he gave a very vague guarantee, no timeframe mentioned. In 2.0, the first thing you will see he offers 30-day money back guarantee.

That’s some progress there.

Well, I may be ahead of myself. Let me back up and first point out some issues I need to openly discuss:

1. Wild Income Claim May Put Something Bad On Your Unconscious Mind

When someone uses his hefty income to make you feel small and then push you to buy his course, there is always something he won’t talk about. Even you can have everything he owns, it will still take you years(!) to get to the same level. It won’t shortcut the actual work (which will be overwhelming) you need to do.

You need to make quite a lot of mistakes to understand what he shares with you. You can only understand this by actually DOING the nitty-gritty work.

Trust me on this: if you think by buying the course you are on your way to a millionaire, you will be disappointed in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, even 24 months.

After the excitement of “buying” fades, you are left with anger.

Doing is not sexy at all. Doing is not exciting at all.

What’s exciting is buying and dreaming.

This is the hard-cold psychological fact of selling.

His income is not your dream. It can only be your goal. There is usually a huge gap between your dream and your goal.

Did you notice, “My result may be unique, your result will vary”? But he still uses his income to do the sales, which, psychologically, makes you believe you buy his course, you will be like him, making over $5M a year.

Does this make sense to you?

Oh, by the way, I’m not sure if Amish’s $5Million income includes his sales of Magic Bullet System 1.0. I heard it grossed over $5M in 36 hours. Debiting the affiliate commissions, it still has $2.5 Million, I think that should be part of the income? So he only makes $2.5M from CPA and other campaigns? Anyway, just something I noticed.

2. He Missed Something in His Demo Campaign

This year Amish used a GameStop offer to show you how he has the magic to make any offer work.

I’m sorry to be the party-breaker, I just need to point out two things about this campaign:

1) GameStop is a proven offer – if you ever purchased any course from Philip Mansour, you will know he has been demonstrated this offer in his course in 2009. Philip Mansour has a course of something like Conquer Offshore, he used the exact same offer to teach CPV/PPV. I’m not sure if Amish has ever watched the videos. Anyway, my point is, this campaign is really not a creative one. I like his last year’s campaign better. That’s a genius connection.

2) In the first pre-launch video, he talked about he is building the campaigns on Google and collecting data. In later videos, he never talked about his Google data again. Does it ever work on Google? You will never know. Of course, its pretty normal to fail on Google, but I think Amish chooses to ignore this Google thing and he may hope all the watches forget about it too. I believe most people do forget.

3. The Software – Ugggh, A Big Concern

Honestly speaking, I was enticed by the software system. He makes it so powerful, it can track anything. I do have a little problem with tracking. I find it hard to track wordpress blogs with tracking202. I’m not sure if the software can solve my exact problem of tracking, but I do have one valid concern:

The software is hosted on their server. They will have access to everyone’s database,  right?

Will they steal my profitable campaigns?

The more powerful the software is, the more scared I feel. If I really use the software, for one, I put my fate in other’s hands, for two, I will be tied to their system forever.

I’m not saying they will steal my campaigns, I just have this concern.

This is a BIG concern once you have your own profitable offers running.

Having 100% control of my business has always been my bottom line – of course, I learned this lesson after a couple of mistakes. Now, do I really want to put my bread and butter to another system that I have no control whatsoever?

Big warning sign for me.

OK, now with all the issues addressed, let’s see if the Magic Bullet System can really help you.

1. It Can Be a Massive Help to Advanced Marketers

If you are just starting out, and you don’t have a winning offer under your belt, the investment of $2997 may offset you more than helps you. I found the way to success by using free or cheap software, by using a few training courses. The only way to success is doing, testing, keep trying.

Last year I created a product (WSO), sold very well on Warrior Forum, you can grab it risk-free if you want, it only costs you $27. It’s my magic bullet system. It’s enough to help a lot of people to $200 net profit a day. As a matter of fact, it has helped me to up to $8k a day. You can find the product here.

If you are already successful, the software can help you a lot – I’m sure of that. The training will further enhance you and open your eyes – I’m sure Amish will over-deliver.

Like I said earlier, my only concern is I don’t have control over the software.

I can’t make a decision if I want to check out the software, so I can’t really help you decide either.

2. Amish Did Show A Wider Scope

In 1.0, Amish focuses intensively on CPA or at best affiliate marketing. In 2.0, he expands to lead generation and his own products. I think that’s a real secret worth noting – you should have your own products. That’s what I did in 2010. After I created my own products, my income becomes steady, no more roller-coaster income.

If you want to make a full-time living on the Internet, you need to have your own products – virtual or physical. It’s a way to diversify your income.

Well, I have explained the good and bad, now it’s your decision to buy the course or not.

Talk soon.

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Info Prodigy – Tim Godfrey

E-junkie Notification – Sale [2010-08-10 06:15:01]

This is the last sale notification in my inbox.

It happened at 6:15 in the morning.

As a matter of fact, I got SIX such orders last night.

I have attached a screenshot at the bottom – in case you wonder if I was telling the truth.

Total sales amount is $200+ already.

I got all these orders while in sleep.

And this is only for ONE of my products.

You know I’m a CPA person, I have done very well

by promoting CPA offers.

You may not know I have developed my own products (plural), and

sell them for steady income.

Don’t get me wrong.

I love CPA, and I still do CPA.

And still do good volume.

But the problem with CPA is: it is NOT steady.

This is frustrating.

That’s why I decided to build my own products, for some hot niches that I have success promoting CPA offers with.

It’s not difficult at all to build your own products.

As a matter of fact: you should get into this game sooner or later, if you want true independence.

If you are interested to learn how to do that, Tim Godfrey just released this product at a good timing: Info Prodigy.

Check it out, it covers everything about making your own info products.

I don’t mind letting you know, I am creating my own products just for people who are doing CPA offers, I will release it soon.

Its called Affiliate Independence.

Its a blueprint of how I got from knowing nothing about information marketing, to become a big fan of it (to be honest, I used to HATE info marketers, I think they are not running a real business. Then something happened, made me become a convert of info marketing.)

I will also share with you my CPA style promotion.

I will also share with you my way of fail-safe market research and independent marketing, you can make a killing without any affiliates!

Tons of secrets stuff inside, I guarantee you have never seen these anywhere else.

It is not a regular info product, it is unique product because it starts with CPA.

It will make your CPA marketing even powerful.

I’m planning to sell it for $147.

If you purchase Info Prodigy through my link, I’m going to give you my upcoming Affiliate Independence for FREE.

Just forward your purchase receipt to, you are all set.

You will receive an email notification when Affiliate Independence goes live.

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Perpetual Traffic Review – Ryan Deiss

Perpetual Traffic

Ryan came up with this free report.

In this report, he talks about the ranking triangle of Google’s system. It seems the “secret” ranking system is not that difficult at all.

Ryan list the history changes of Google’s ranking system, which makes sense. Apparently Ryan did his homework well.

Ryan also reviews whats really working today, and how a website can get to the organic game easily – a lot easier than you can imagine.

This should be a good news to those who is fighting in the PPC or banner games.

The product is not out yet, but the report is well worth your time – if you want to look into FREE traffic in the near future.

Download the report here. It’s free.

Oh, by the way, Ryan is going to offer you a killer software to you, too, for FREE. I already got this software, its very neat. Don’t miss it.

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Profit Instruments – Old Wine in New Bottle?

I was bombarded by emails from big guys like Anik Singal, Chris Carpenter, Mike Filsaime, etc. I looked at the pre-launch sales video, “definitely old wine in a new bottle” came to my mind.

There is nothing new or special here – I have been doing this ever since I reviewed George Brown’s Google Sniper.

If one thing special to me, is that this nobody Ritoban can get a few big affiliate marketers promote his first ever product like crazy.

Well, you know we are all tired of such big name guys promote whatever products like they found the new land, simply for the sake of earning some commissions.

Oh, maybe another thing got my attention: the pre-launch videos he did were really cool. Not the content, but the style, apparently he is a student of  The Video Boss.

I closed the page and quickly forgot it.

Then a few days later I opened his pdf file, and I wanted to try out the quick index script he gave away for free.

I went there, and tried it out.

At that time I was surprised.

This is a new way, at least for me, to promote wordpress blogs – promote the promoters.

The concept isn’t new, but the script is definitely a steal.

I wonder what else could be new to me.

Out of curiosity, I ordered his product.

Now you expect me to say, “wow, its an awesome product!” Right?

Well, it adds a few pages of new information to my knowledge. I am glad I get it for only $197.

Of course, the training is done exceptionally well, and it is very friendly to newbies.

I’m convinced, if a newbie, can take his course and follow closely what he teaches, he is well on his way to make a few hundred dollars a day online.

It also gives new information to advanced users. Learning more knowledge is crucial to any serious marketer, I believe this course didn’t let me down.

For that reason, I’m going to recommend this course to you.

Order Profit Instruments here.

Profit Instruments

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How I Promote BizOpp, Dating, Even E-Cigarette Offers

I just recorded a video, in this video, I shared how I promote BizOpp, Dating and Ecig offers.

This is a free training. Enjoy.

Watch the video here.

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PPC Ninja Traffic Dojo – Christian, Warrior Review

Right off the bat, I personally know Christian, and he delivers quality products.

View his video right here before he pulls it off the market.

Christian is a guy you can always get ahold of. Unlike most self-claimed “gurus”, who play the game of being irresponsible as a sign of being in high demand, Christian actually personally replies your emails.

One thing I hate most is those gurus are very stupid – I remember seeing this trick being taught by Dan Kennedy: you have to ignore (well, at best, delay) phone calls, emails, from your prospective clients. If you return the phone call, or email too quickly, you are telling the other side that you are not busy, you are not in demand. You have to play cool even though you really have nothing to do. Its a psychological game.

This is the stupidest advice I’ve ever seen. And worse yet, it was bought by a lot of people, including those gurus.

Come on, think for yourself. If you are starving to get the next deal, why the f**k play cool? Why can’t you give your prospective client instant gratification? Why can’t you immediately respond so your client know you are providing quality customer service?

Anyway, I think such a trick can only piss off prospects, instead of attracting them.

The other guy I know who personally replies emails, is Gaugher. He is a nice guy to talk to. That’s the reason I bought both of his courses for $2000.

Well, I also cancelled a membership website (after being a member for almost a year) from another guru in CPA field, because he plays such games. Fine, if you don’t want my business, then I don’t give you my business.

To whoever reading this, please, reply to others emails if you can, if you are not busy as Richard Branson or Donald Trump.

Oh, I am off topic, sorry.

Well, back to Christian, he is in my neighbor town. I bought his first course, PPC Ninja, and learnt one important tip to help me turn my CPA game around.

Now, in this course, Traffic Dojo, he is going to reveal his secret traffic sources.

For those of you who wonder what this main secret traffic source is, unfortunately I can’t tell you as it will do injustice to Christian.

I personally use that traffic source, but I admit I didn’t pay serious attention to it. However, I can easily get conversions from it, it has a huge potential.

Like Christian said, you need to be very careful with traffic source. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can lose your shirt.

I want to hold this secret to myself. I do hope Christian can limit this course to a small group of people.

I believe if a lot of people rush to this traffic source, it will increase competition, and eventually, it becomes hard to make money.

I hate competition, in any market. I don’t believe make money from competitive markets.

That’s the strategy in can see from my course: How I Made $81,000 in 39 Days.

In business world, its called Blue Ocean Strategy. (versus Red Ocean Strategy)

This traffic source, right now, is definitely Blue Ocean.

Get in it now when you can. I’m convinced Christian will pull it off the market very soon.

Step 1: Buy Traffic Dojo Here.

Step 2: Forward your receipt to reviews(at)

Step 3: I will send you my bonuses, including:

  • My Training Course: How I Made $81,000 in 39 Days (you can use it to simply make $1000 within 30 days, so lets say it has $500 value, if you agree)
  • My 1-Year Email Support on CPA Marketing ($600 value)

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“CPA Rich”? – A Warrior Forum Member’s Review

I actually got a “spam” email which was promoting CPA Rich before today’s launch, that how I knew there is such a launch.

The email is not really spam as it apparently personalized with my name, but I can’t remember who the sender was.

Guess someone trying to earn some quick cash and abuse his customer list – he never contact me before, now he jumped out of nowhere trying to sell me something.

Anyway, back to this product – CPA Rich – a good product name, and a good domain name.

If you happen to watch the launch video, very promising, the guy has some genius secrets MOST people don’t even know about.

Tonight I noticed some clicks to my site search for this CPA Rich thing, so I decided to take a look at the sales letter.


Well, all I can say is the guy is a not a master.

By briefly browsing his salespage, I can’t even see what he will be teaching!

There a lot of basic and hype stuff, then it comes BONUSES.

Well, now it became clear the BONUSES are a little bit well organized – however, the titles of the bonus modules are not attractive at all.

He made a big promise to give you some secrets, I can’t even find secret techniques in any of his bolded words or bonuses.

Seems like a newbie guide.

Of course, he is not breaking down the training to perceivably  valuable modules – is he selling a pdf report?

Anyway, I quickly lost interest in this offer.

So I figured, I have spent the time checking out, why not give my product to my readers, so here it is cool secret stuff:

How I Made $81,000 in 39 Days by Hijacking & Monetizing.

Buy it at Warrior Forum.

Good luck & good night.

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Main Street Marketing Machines – My $2000/Hour Secrets

If you are like me, going into the Internet Marketing from an Offline Marketing background, you surely know it would be stupid to give up your offline income.

I’m not saying its a huge income, rather, its a stream of steady cash flow that can sustain your online ventures.

Till this day, I still have dozens, if not hundreds of small business clients I actively work with.

I don’t think I’m making huge bucks from these clients. But, they give me cash flow I need to fund my online investments like PPC, Media Buying.

And the best part is they are easy to work with, and they are very “rich” – in a certain way.

They pay me up to $2000 an hour for my efforts (for the record, you need to be smart enough when you read a line like this. If you go to a small business owner and quote him/her $2000 an hour for your work, you will be most likely be kicked out of the door – you need a different strategies to earn this kind of money without telling your clients your real cost – more on that later.)

Now, all of a sudden, the Internet Marketing world realizes there are lot of money to be made just by helping these small business owners with their own well-honed IM skill.

This is a good. At least there are someone is standing up and guide the herd to a untapped direction.

The interesting fact is that MOST so-called Internet Marketers start with Online Marketing. They don’t have a clue about offline marketing, which comes before Online Marketing, which also breeds true marketing techniques and tricks people are deploying online.

They haven’t worked with any small business owners in their life.

Then they just follow whatever they are teaching and hope go make big bucks online.

I’m going to be very objective when speaking about this online-going-offline “trend”. (I did one review of another course on this trend – Local Business Money Machine, you can view it here)

Its a little harsh to say but its true that MOST IMers have no understanding about Business Strategies. (I can’t stress this enough as its extremely important if you want to succeed, you need to think like a true entrepreneur, not just some bedroom college student who wants to make a few bucks)

They are too intensely focused on their niches. They don’t plan their cash flow, they don’t plan where the business is going, they don’t plan their asset, they don’t plan their exit strategy. They have no strategy whatsoever.

Their only concern is how to make money today.

They are actually lost in the business world.

Fact is: they are not even business people, they are self-claimed Internet Marketers.

If you want to make a true living, you have to learn to become a business people. You may not have too many responsibilities like a regular business people, but you are not going to make far if you are limiting your mind to Internet Marketing.

So, I’m going to lay out a better picture here if you can get it:

First, there is no much difference between online and offline, you just monetize the offline world with your knowledge. Don’t get attached to the word: offline. It has been there for eons. It will continue be there after eons. The reason you feel its something news is because you are “lost” in the online world. Now, you need to stand above online or offline and look at the big picture.

Second, you need to have a steady cash flow to sustain your hunting in the online world.  The Offline world, the small business owners, will the resources to get this kind of cashflow. They are not marketers, and they are willing to pay for your knowledge. A steady cashflow is blood for any business. If you look at your own endeavor as a business, then its a good option to get this blood from the hungry offline world.

Now be cautious, I know you are ready to dive into the offline world, but you are very likely not ready.

You have been living in a virtual world for too long.

You don’t even know how to deal with small business owners.

You think you are a guru, but small business owners may argue.

You think you understand Internet Marketing, but they don’t even care, they want results.

Remember earlier I said how to make them pay you $2000 an hour?

You can’t be that stupid to ask for the hourly rate.

You need to play the offline game at a business strategy level.

I’m not going to give you the answers here yet, but you will find the answers in these free videos.

Jump on it if you can. Its not late yet.

Be warned: this course if not for everyone, you do need to spend some bucks to get it, but the long-term return will well justify the cost. Hey, again, this is business thinking, you need to look at the long term, not today only. Its not the expense, its about the returns.

If you order through my link, I will give you a video of MY way of offline marketing, about how I make $2000 an hour constantly without much effort, I will also give you 30-day email coaching on CPA if you want to play this game.

As usual, simply forward your receipt to reviews (at), and I will email you the instructions to start.

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Video Sales Formula – Ryan Deiss

You Must Buy This Course if You Want to Increase Your Conversions.

I have been using video salesletters for the past  few years (!) and I know how effective it actually is. I am glad I discovered its power long before anybody else because I can’t write in English! (English is not my first language)

If you happen to be a customer of my $81,000 in 39 days product, you know I have used a simple video to promote my offers and made a killing – made $81,000 in a little bit over 30 days.

And I even used my own voice, by the way, my accent sucks.

I was actually very glad that Ryan has put together a formula to make the video salesletter become a simple work – I did a checkup, and I realized I missed a couple of important components in my videos, and I could have done a lot better.

Now, go ahead and get the course here.

I’m now open my personal coaching to buyers through my link. You will get my email address to ask my affiliate marketing (CPA marketing) questions. Its invaluable.

To qualify for my coaching:

1. Buy Video Salesletter Formula here.

2. Email your receipt to reviews (at)

3. I will send the instructions of how to get my personal coaching by email, together with my $81K campaign case study as another free bonus.

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Traffic Voodoo (Jeff Johnson)

If you want to know how to get massive amount of (FREE) traffic, learn from this guy – Jeff Johnson.

Beware: he ain’t cheap.  So its not for everyone.

If you need to use your last dollars to buy his course, don’t buy.

If you need to go into deep debt to buy his course, don’t buy.

Buy this only if you are already at least moderately successful. – That’s my best advice I can give to you.

I know although I give this advice, a lot of people will still go into debt to buy it – as getting TRAFFIC  is the key to internet marketing.

So if you are really that dedicated, I advise you – take immediate action, you can get your investment back shortly.

So if you are desperately to earn you dollars online, I will throw in 30 minutes of my time to help you too!!!

That’s right, I am giving you one hour of coaching for free.

I am someone constantly earning five figures a day (of course, from the Interenet), now how much you can get from my coaching?

There will be a lot!

I personally use Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo system to build up good amount of traffic to my niche websites. So I know for sure it works.

Here is how to proceed:

Step 1: Buy Traffic Voodoo here.

Step 2: Review the course, email your receipt to reviews (at) once you decide to give it a full-strength shot. List your questions in the email too.

Step 3: We will contact you to schedule the coaching time. Oh yes, you are for sure qualified to get my $81k in 39 days training video.

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