I actually got a “spam” email which was promoting CPA Rich before today’s launch, that how I knew there is such a launch.

The email is not really spam as it apparently personalized with my name, but I can’t remember who the sender was.

Guess someone trying to earn some quick cash and abuse his customer list – he never contact me before, now he jumped out of nowhere trying to sell me something.

Anyway, back to this product – CPA Rich – a good product name, and a good domain name.

If you happen to watch the launch video, very promising, the guy has some genius secrets MOST people don’t even know about.

Tonight I noticed some clicks to my site search for this CPA Rich thing, so I decided to take a look at the sales letter.


Well, all I can say is the guy is a not a master.

By briefly browsing his salespage, I can’t even see what he will be teaching!

There a lot of basic and hype stuff, then it comes BONUSES.

Well, now it became clear the BONUSES are a little bit well organized – however, the titles of the bonus modules are not attractive at all.

He made a big promise to give you some secrets, I can’t even find secret techniques in any of his bolded words or bonuses.

Seems like a newbie guide.

Of course, he is not breaking down the training to perceivably  valuable modules – is he selling a pdf report?

Anyway, I quickly lost interest in this offer.

So I figured, I have spent the time checking out, why not give my product to my readers, so here it is cool secret stuff:

How I Made $81,000 in 39 Days by Hijacking & Monetizing.

Buy it at Warrior Forum.

Good luck & good night.